Child-Proofing Your New Home

3 December 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have just moved into a new house with young kids, you will want to child-proof your home as soon as you can. There are many parts of a home that will need to be made safe for small children. With the chaos of boxes and moving in furniture, things can be a little scary the first few days. Here are some things that you will need to do to child-proof your home.

The Day You Arrive

You will want to make sure that you keep your children away from the doorways and the moving truck personnel as they bring in furniture and other large objects. Have a room set aside for the children to play in while you are moving. You will need to have a designated babysitter available while the move is happening. This can easily be an overlooked step and you could move in and have children underfoot during the process. This is not recommended or safe for anyone.


Bring a safety gate with you to place at the top of a staircase, if applicable. If you are downstairs, place it at the bottom of the staircase so the children do not try climbing up. You will need to add a permanent gate after you are settled in your new home. For the first day, a portable gate will work sufficiently in keeping your children away from steps.


If you allow your children to go outside and there is no fence around your property, you will need to put up some temporary fencing to keep your children from running into the street. You may need to keep your children inside until you can set up a fence. Eventually, you will want a permanent fence to enclose your property.

Temporary fencing will also need to be set up if there is a swimming pool on your property. Usually black mesh fencing will be used to place around a pool. The same type of temporary fencing can be used around your yard until you can have permanent fencing placed.

Child-Level Views

Get down low and look around each room to see the viewpoint that your children have. Are there any interesting items that may be a danger? If so, you will want to put it up high enough that it cannot be reached. Place child-proofing covers on all electrical outlets and use child-proofing latches in cabinets or drawers. In your bathroom, use a toilet-lock on your toilet.