Dangers Lurking In Your Old House

3 December 2014
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Owning an old home means you have a house with a lot of history and character. It also means you could be 'housing' potentially dangerous threats that are existing right within your walls. Discover the dangers that could be lurking in your old house so you can take action and make your home a more safe place to be.

Faulty wiring

Depending on when your home was actually built, your residence may be a potential fire hazard. This is because many electricity types in older homes are actually potentially dangerous and not up to modern code. For instance, homes built prior to the 1950s are likely to have ungrounded outlets, poor insulation, and fuse boxes instead of circuit breakers built into them. Very old homes may have very weak amps, which can lead to overheating and fires if too many outlets are attempted at a time. Have an electrician like one from Martin Electric inspect your older home for signs of danger in the way your electricity is wired, including:

  • aluminum wiring
  • 2 pronged outlets
  • low amps

Lead paint or pipes

Lead is a dangerous metal when consumed, and modern research has found that it can cause many health issues, especially in younger children or the elderly. While lead paint was banned in 1978, many homes continue to have this kind of paint simply because the paint either hasn't been removed or hasn't been repainted with a non-toxic version. Lead pipes pose a concern as well, and while not as common a threat as lead paint, lead in pipes can seep into water storage and consumption and pose its own danger to homeowners. An inspection from a contractor and a test for lead in a home's paint can determine if lead is an issue in your home.


Due simply to the age of the home, mold is a larger issue in older dwellings than it is in newer ones. The longer a home exists, the more water damage and condensation issues it naturally runs into, which leads to dangerous and pesky mold. Mold hangs out in bathrooms, along walls, and even in ceilings of older homes, and should be removed or contained as soon as it is discovered. Nearly all molds pose at least a minute health threat, which can be as simple as an irritated cough to a very serious or even deadly illness. If you haven't had your home inspected for mold, now is the time to do so to protect your family from this hidden danger lurking in your older house.

When you have an old home, you take the potential dangers along with the excitement of having a unique and historical place to live. Have your home inspected for these common and potentially life-threatening dangers, and you can feel more confident about where you live.