Four Things Your Local Roofing Contractor Can Do Besides Install A New Roof

3 December 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

You've had a new roof installed, and the experience was great -- your contractor got the job done on time and under budget, and the finished roof looks beautiful. The roofers didn't do any damage to your home or landscaping, and they promptly cleaned up any messes. But, you won't need another roof for a good 20-30 years. Is there any way you can continue to do business with a company you appreciate?

Most homeowners don't realize that there are a number of services that their roofing company can provide besides building a new roof. Here are four things your roofer can assist you with until its time (hopefully, a long time) until your next new roof.

1. Maintenance contracts.

Want that new roof to last as long as possible? Talk to your roofing company about regular inspections and maintenance on the roof. Most roofers will have some sort of ongoing maintenance package that may include the following:

  • Annual or bi-annual inspections where a professional gets on the roof and looks for any damage or areas likely to leak. If he or she finds anything, the repair is often very inexpensive compared to letting it go.
  • Checks after storms or extreme weather. You can ask your roofer to do a quick visual inspection for damaged or missing shingles or holes/gaps in the roof.
  • Regular advice on other maintenance that can increase the durability of the roofing materials.

2. Moss and debris removal.

If you have trees growing on your property, it's inevitable that you'll have some sort of leaves or moss on the roof. Leaving these to grow or decay can do damage to the roofing materials and introduce moisture that can't easily escape.

Your roofer is likely to have access to equipment and products that are more effective -- and safe -- than you trying to climb up and clean the roof with a consumer-level treatment.

3. Clean and maintain gutters.

One of the worst things that can happen to your roof is to have your gutters back up and keep standing water on it. This will lead to leaks and rot way before they should happen.

Hire your roofing company to regularly clean and repair your gutters so they work as they should. Many companies will do a regular autumn gutter inspection and cleaning after the leaves stop falling. They can also install screens or suggest other ways to keep the gutters cleaner.

4. Install and maintain your skylights.

Skylights are an excellent way to get a little more light into the darker areas of your home, like hallways and interior bathrooms, but they can be tricky to install correctly. It's a snap for your professional roofers, though - and they can guarantee their work against leaks.

Talk to a roofing contractor like GRC Roofing Co. about these and other services that can help you keep your home and roof lasting a long time.