3 Key Ways To Prevent Your Hot Tub From Freezing This Winter

4 December 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

The winter season is nearly approaching, which means that it may be time that you get ready to prepare your hot tub for the cold and icy weather. The winter season can easily damage your hot tub if you fail to take the precautionary measure to avoid your tub from freezing. There are ways to prevent your hot tub and the pipes hooked up to your from freezing, such as:

1. Cycle Your Hot Tub Frequently:

There should be an option on your thermostat that allows you to regulate the temperature of your hot tub. However, if your hot tub does not offer this feature then you will want to be sure that you cycle your hot tub manually. Frequent hot tub cycling will make it much easier for you to keep your hot tub water warm so you can avoid freezing.

Failing to cycle your hot tub water frequently can result in a more difficult situation, as your hot tub water's temperature will drop drastically, making it much harder for you to defrost your hot tub.

2. Get an Insulated Cover Top:

Keeping the inside of your hot tub as warm as possible is critical, which is why a thick, insulated cover top is important. An insulated cover top will make it far more difficult for the water in your hot tub to freeze, especially if you have components in your tub circulating the water sitting in your tub. So if you do not already have a thick and insulated hot tub cover then it is definitely best to invest in one as this can end up being the component that keeps your hot tub from freezing over this winter.

3. Add a Pump into the Tub:

Keeping the tub water moving is crucial, which is why you should consider investing in a small pump that you can submerge under water. A pump will help keep the water circulating, making it more difficult for the water to freeze over. This is also a very efficient solution, as your pump won't require any heating, which will help you save money while protecting your hot tub.

With these three tips, you will be able to keep your hot tub from freezing during the cold winter, which will help prevent costly pipe and hot tub damages. So, before the winter season arrives be sure to have a plan and to take these tips into account to keep your hot tub safe. To learn more, contact a company like California Home Spas & Patio with any questions or concerns you have.