4 Things To Check When Buying A Used Refrigerator

4 December 2014
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Are you in need of a new refrigerator? You may want to consider a used unit. You can often find used refrigerators at steep discounts over newer models. A used model may also have just as much quality and durability as a newer refrigerator. However, with a used refrigerator, you do run the risk that it has suffered prior damage or that some of the parts may not work as well as you would like.

Before you purchase your used refrigerator, do a thorough inspection. Here are four specific areas that you'll want to check out:

1. Find out the age of the refrigerator

Not all refrigerators are created equal, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. Refrigerators have become substantially more energy efficient over the past decade or so. Find out how old the used refrigerator is. If it's a few years old, then it's likely just as efficient as some of the newer models on the market.

However, if it's a decade or more old, then the extra expense of running an inefficient refrigerator will likely exceed any savings you get from buying it used. The appliance store should be able to tell you how old it is. If not, get the model number and look it up online.

2. Inspect the seal

Take a piece of paper and put it in door, with half of the paper sticking out. Close the door and try to pull the paper out. It should come out, but only after a bit of resistance. If the paper falls to the floor or if it slides out easily, then that means that the seal isn't as tight as it should be. You'll lose cold air from the refrigerator, which means your food won't be as fresh and you'll use more energy.

3. Look at the back coils

You can see the coils by removing the back cover. They should be clean and free of stains, dust, or other debris. If they're excessively dirty, that could mean that the refrigerator has suffered internal damage and that it wasn't cared for properly. At the very least, it means the appliance store didn't do much in the way of maintenance to get it ready for sale.

4. Ask about the store's guarantees

Does the store offer any kind of warranty? If so, it could be a wise investment. Also, will the store allow you to return it for a full refund within a certain period of time. This is important because there are some things you won't know until you get the refrigerator home and run it for an extended period. You'll want some assurance that you can return it if it doesn't operate properly.

Visit a used appliance store in your area. They can help you find an affordable and high-quality refrigerator that meets your needs. To learn more, contact a company like Arizona Discount Appliance with your questions and concerns.