Why You Need Energy-Efficient Windows

4 December 2014
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Are you shelling out tons of money each month for your energy bill? Is it because you are being forced to run your HVAC unit more than you would like? If this is the case, you might want to consider investing in energy-efficient windows. This article will discuss the reasons why people use energy-efficient windows and how to upgrade your own windows.

The Benefits Of Energy-Efficient Windows

There are several good reasons to upgrade your windows to energy efficient models. Some of these reasons include:

  • Increased lighting: Low efficiency windows absorb high levels of solar heat, which makes your home warmer during the summer. Normally, people use special glazings to decrease the level of heat. The drawback to this is that it also reduces the amount of light that comes through. Energy-efficient windows have glazings that are able to reduce the amount of heat without reducing light.
  • Less condensation: When the temperature of the inside of the glass falls below the frost point, condensation can accumulate on your windows. Energy-efficient windows actually have a warmer interior. This means that there is significantly less condensation.
  • Energy costs: The main benefit of energy-efficient windows is that they can greatly reduce your monthly energy bill. This is because they reduce the level of air leakage that occurs with lower efficiency windows. This keeps more of the air inside your home, which means you will not need to use your HVAC unit as much.

How to Upgrade Your Windows

It's always best to speak with a professional (such as Wonderful Windows & Siding) in order to get maximum efficiency for your windows. However, there are ways you can make improvements on your own.

  • Prepare: Check each of your windows for rotted wood, missing glass, or high levels of air leakage. If there are larger leaks, then it's likely that you will need more extensive repairs.
  • Storm windows: If there is no serious damage, then you can install a high-performance storm window. These are glass panels that are fitted onto the interior or exterior of your current window. These windows are able to decrease air leakage by 10% to 15% less than regular storm windows.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining proper maintenance is crucial. You will need to inspect your windows regularly to make sure they haven't sustained any damage.

There are numerous benefits to upgrading to energy-efficient windows. It can save you money and help the environment. If you are looking for a way to make your home greener and reduce your monthly energy bill, speak with a professional who can help you maximize the energy efficiency of your windows.