How To Handle An Air Conditioner Outage In A Home With An Elderly Individual

9 February 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Your elderly loved one will most likely tell you all kinds of stories about how when they were younger, they had to sweat through summers and walk barefoot in the snow. However tough your elderly family member may have been, they have spent several years growing acclimated to the cool air provided by the air conditioner in lace in the home. If you happen to be in the house with an older adult when the air decides to quit working, there are a few important things you should keep in mind about keeping them safe while you wait for AC repair.

Keep Air Circulating

With no air conditioner in the house, things can heat up really quickly. The elderly are more prone to breathing issues due to health problems associated with their lungs and sinuses and stifling humid air will not be the best thing for respiration. Use fans to keep the air inside of the home moving as this can often help to make the space feel cooler and less overwhelming to an older individual. Pay close attention to how well your loved one is breathing and take note if you see that they seem to be having a hard time catching their breath.

Know the Signs of Heat Stroke

A heat stroke can be brought on by sudden changes in body temperature and is usually more of a threat to the elder population. While your air is out, make sure that you stay with your family member and keep a close eye on their behavior. A heat stroke can happen in a matter of just a few minutes and will often be indicated by changes in breathing, fainting, disorientation, and even lack of sweat.

Alert the Contractor That You Need Emergency AC Repair

There are certain situations when an air conditioner stops working that professionals consider to be an emergency. If you have an older adult in the home with health issues, dramatic changes in temperature can easily create a desperate scenario. Make sure when you call for help from a contractor, you let the dispatcher know that you have a special situation to be considered.

While you wait for the AC repair technician to get to your home, take the time to do what you can to relax and keep your elderly family member comfortable and safe. Crank up the fans, offer ice cold water, and even head outside for a shade tree if possible.