Three Tips To Ensure That A Sink's U-Bend Trap Remains In Top Condition

17 March 2015
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A u-bend trap is a curved pipe at the bottom of a sink designed to mask the smell coming from a sewer. As a result of its shape, it tends to collect both grime and miscellaneous debris much faster than other pipes connected to a drain. To maximize the time that your particular u-bend trap remains in top condition, apply these three tips.

Don't Wait To Clean A Trap Until It Becomes Completely Blocked

Cleaning a u-bend trap is quick and easy if you get to it before grime buildup gets so severe that a piece of debris can stop your drain's water flow completely. Therefore, sticking to a consistent sink cleaning schedule that includes taking care of your u-bend trap is key for minimizing frustration in the long run.

Even if you don't plan on cleaning your u-bend trap after a set amount of time, you can usually tell how badly it's clogged by how quickly water flows into your drain. The slower the water in your sink drains, the less space there is in the u-bend trap for it to flow through.

When Cleaning A Trap, Scrub Its Entire Interior With Soap And A Towel

It's not enough to merely soak your u-bend trap in warm water and call it a day. Even if water is enough to all but eliminate discoloration on the inside surface of your trap, soap is essential to kill any lingering bacteria that will contribute to future grime buildup.

Since detaching and reattaching a u-bend trap takes a fair amount of time, you might as well go to the extra trouble of scrubbing it with a soapy towel.

Make Sure That You Put The Trap Back In Properly

If you're not paying attention, it's easy to leave a u-bend trap slightly ajar or even attach each side to the wrong pipe. In either case, an uneven fit means that water will constantly leak out and cause mold to form both on the trap itself and on the bottom of your sink cabinet.

So after you're done cleaning, don't neglect to double, or even triple, check your u-bend trap to make sure that it's firmly attached to what it's designed to fit onto. You should also move any containers you're storing next to your sink pipes to eliminate the possibility of one of them falling over and knocking your u-bend trap loose.

No matter how you look at it, a u-bend trap is one of the most important parts of any sink. If you don't want either a blockage or a putrid smell immediately under your drain, you have no choice but to care deeply about your u-bend trap's condition.

If you don't want to take care of the cleaning and maintenance yourself, you can schedule an appointment with a local drain cleaning service. Click here for more information