RV Window Repairs: Replacing And Resolving Window Screen Issues On The Road

10 April 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you plan to head out on the open road this summer in your RV or camper, be prepared to deal with incidental issues that may arise during your travels. This includes repairing or replacing the window screens and glass in your recreational vehicle.

Keep a few basic supplies on hand to deal with these situations before and during your journey. Some tools that can be used for basic repairs and replacements include these:

  • screwdrivers

  • putty knife

  • putty tape,

  • scissors

  • tube of silicone

  • roll of mesh screen

Tuck these low-cost items into your RV's storage to ensure you are able to maintain the security, protection, and comfort that your windows provide.


There is a sense of urgency in making repairs to broken or missing windows on the road, as having a faulty window in unfamiliar areas could present safety risks. The windows provide protection for you, as well as for the RV or camper, preventing moisture and precipitation from damaging your vehicle. Screen windows are integral, especially during the hot, humid season when mosquitoes are most prevalent.


The roll of mesh screen that you are keeping on hand is what you need to measure the size of the screen you are replacing, with allowances for the framing around the perimeter. Cut the screen with sharp scissors, and firmly roll it in place between the window splines. If the window is quite damaged or dated, you may want to buy new splines before replacing screen windows in your camper.


It is not difficult to replace the glass in an RV window if you have the right size piece of replacement glass nearby. The glass is usually fit between two pieces of framing that secure together with screws to form a layered fixture, and these can be pried out using your putty knife to break the seal of the putty and release the framed window.

Be sure that you clean the frame and area where the window will be installed carefully, and allow it to fully dry before applying putty, as it won't seal correctly when applied to a dirty or damp surface.

Don't get caught without the protection and security that properly-fitted, undamaged windows provide. Whether your screen is torn and no longer keeps out mosquitoes, or a glass window is broken or missing, deal with RV windows and screens promptly, before your protection is breached. Tuck away some supplies to address minor repairs and replacements if necessary.

To learn more, contact a company like Roys Screen Service with any questions you have.