Exterior Air Coming Through Log Home Walls: The Possible Causes & Solutions

22 June 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Does a lot of air flow through the walls of your log home? There are multiple things that can cause logs to deteriorate, and you must make sure repairs are prompt if you don't want your home to fall apart. In this article, learn about the cause for a log home to suffer damage and what can be done to prevent it after repairs are made.

What Can Lead to Air Coming Through Walls Constructed of Logs?

One of the common reasons for a log home to deteriorate is water damage. If you live in a rainy area, it is possible that there is a lot of moisture inside of the logs. The moisture may have been there for a long time and caused the wood to become rotten. You may have to get the rotten logs replaced with new ones, but it is also possible that a professional will be able to cut the rot away. He or she can then replace the holes left where rot was removed with fresh pieces of wood.

Another cause of log home damage is insects. There are certain ants that are harmful to wood, especially carpenter ants. They may be crawling inside of the logs without your knowledge and creating holes. However, the most harmful type of insect to a log home is termites. If you suspect that termites are the problem, you must get your home exterminated fast. If you get the damaged logs replaced without extermination being done, you will waste your money because the same problem will occur again.

What Can Be Done to Keep a Log Home Durable?

You must make sure that each space between the logs is properly sealed on occasion. Keep in mind that it is possible for the logs to experience shrinkage after your home has been up for a while. The shrinkage can cause cracks and problems with structural integrity. You won't have any problems if you keep the cracks sealed.

You can also get your log home stained to protect it from water damage on the exterior of the logs. The stain will repel water off of the logs when it rains, while also giving your home more visual appeal. There is also a special coating that consists of powder and water that can protect your home from moisture. The coating can be sprayed on the exterior of the logs, and can also be injected into the logs for interior moisture protection. Get in touch with a log home specialist like Joe Pine Builders Inc so repairs can be made as soon as possible!