Consider Security Features in the Design Phase

8 September 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are building a new home, you have lots to think about. From what appliances you want in your kitchen to the color of paint in the powder room, the decisions can seem endless. While these are all important considerations, another area that you should pay attention to is your security and home automation system. Your contractor will have an easier time planning for the system you want if you nail down the details as early as possible in the process. Here are some security system elements to design into your new house plans.

Safety Devices

These devices include smoke detectors, fire sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors. By planning the location for these items early on in the design phase, your contractor can lay the wiring and have a security contractor onsite to install the devices during the construction. One device that's often overlooked is a water sensor. This is placed in a basement or utility room. It can alert you, or a third-party monitoring company, to a flooding situation.   

Indoor Security Devices

Here is where you'll want to think about motion detectors, door sensors, open window sensors, and the panel you need to control them all. These control panels are typically installed on the first floor, so it's helpful to get the wiring path determined early. For added protection, consider adding glass break sensors. These are tuned to detect the distinct frequency of glass breaking and can be a great addition to your overall security plan.

Outdoor Devices

When it comes to outside your home, there are lots of devices to consider. Motion detectors are available here as well and they can be tied to outdoor lights or even a closed circuit camera system. Running the wiring to remote buildings like sheds and garages is much easier for your contractor to do before the lawn and landscaping get installed. If you're looking for something a little different for your exterior, consider privacy gates across your driveway. They not only add a measure of security for your home, but they also look amazing. Controlling these gates is simple, and you can add an intercom and a camera to them for added security. Contact a company like Rut Fencing for more details.

With so many decisions to make about your new home, take a few minutes to give your security system some thought. Your contractor can give you options and has the expertise needed to make sure you get exactly what you need. He or she may also have connections with security companies that can coordinate the installation of your equipment with the least disruption to your build schedule.