How To Give Your Bathroom A Custom Makeover Without The Need For Construction

22 September 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

You can give your normal bathroom a custom, even expensive look, without going through an extreme renovation. The only thing you really have to do if you want to update the look, feel, and value of your bathroom, is make some small upgrades.

The Sum of Its Parts

Here's the big secret about your bathroom. A lot of its value comes from its individual parts. Those fixtures and accessories, that shower head and door, all of those things contribute to the value, comfort, usability, and feel of your bathroom.

By that logic, all you have to do to make your bathroom more luxurious is to upgrade these things. Doing so can definitely help you to go from a normal bathroom to one that looks like a luxurious remodel. Here are a few things to consider.

Swap the faucets and fixtures – Just changing the faucets and fixtures alone can add a whole new dimension to your bathroom. None of those luxury faucets and fixtures you see in magazines, or on television shows, are unique.

You can purchase the very same ones or close approximations of them. There is an almost unlimited amount of faucet and fixture options out there. Just by swapping your old faucets and fixtures can add a degree of elegance or give your bathroom a more modern aesthetic.

Change the showerhead – You don't need to completely tear down and rebuild your shower for added functionality. A single or multifunction showerhead will fit just about any fixture. Changing the showerhead to a modern one can go a long way towards the look, as well as towards mitigating water usage.

Upgrade door handles, knobs, and pulls – Surprisingly, a simple doorknob change can make a huge difference. In addition, if your bathroom contains cabinets or drawers, you can instantly upgrade them by changing their knobs or pulls.

Replace the shower door – The shower door often takes up the most visual real estate in a bathroom. Changing it out can make a world of difference. Even if you're not ready to completely change the type of shower door, you can still change out the one you have for another of similar size and function.

Even a change like that comes with options. You can choose a different frame material, go frameless, or switch the type of glass. Even with the glass there are additional options such as clear, patterned, frosted, and opaque.

Beyond that, there are also the fixtures associated with the shower doors, such as the handles or towel bar. Even if you don't do much with the shower door itself, you can upgrade these items.

Put Them All Together

The point is that you have a tremendous amount of options available to you for upgrading your bathroom. The more of these options you take advantage of, the more you can do to give your bathroom an overall cohesiveness of look and feel.

And none of these options require construction work or expensive contractors. So go ahead and give your bathroom a remodel. There's nothing stopping you from giving it a look that says luxury without needing to max out a budget.

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