Create Snowy Footprints On Christmas Eve To Restore Your Child's Belief In Santa

30 November 2015
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Do you have a little one who is starting to question the validity of Santa Claus? If you are not ready to tell your child the truth about Kris Kringle, consider making snowy boot prints going from your fireplace to your Christmas tree to help convince your little one that Santa does exist. The following guide walks you through the easy process of creating boot prints on your hardwood floors on Christmas Eve.

Create an Outline

Take a boot and place it onto a piece of cardboard. Trace around the boot with a marker and then move the toe of the boot back an inch or two and trace the boot again. This will make the boot print look larger than your boots so that your child will not be able to prove that you made the prints, even when they compare your boot to the print that they will see on the floor.

Create the Details

Spray the bottom of your boots lightly with water and then press them back onto the cardboard. This will leave light prints of the grooves in your boots. Trace around the prints that are left. Use a cutting tool with a very sharp blade to cut around each of the groves that you traced to remove them from the cardboard.

Outline the Boot

Use the cutting tool to cut around boot outline only removing cardboard every few inches and then leaving a half an inch of cardboard still intact. You will be creating a boot print so you need to have the exterior portion of the boot cut out so that a clear outline can be made of the boot when you are done.

Create the Snow

Once you have finished creating the cardboard stencil of a boot print, it is time to make the snow.  Mix equal parts white glitter, baby powder, and baking soda in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of water to the mixture and mix everything together. You want the prints to have some thickness to them, but also allow them to still be a bit powdery so that they will look like snow when your children see them.

Create the Prints

Lay the stencil flat on the ground and create your first footprint by applying a dollop of the snow to the stencil and then spreading it out. Be sure to smooth out the snow as much as you can and then pull the stencil from the floor. To make the print of the opposite foot, simply flip the stencil over and add the snow the same way you did before. Repeat the process until all of the prints are made.

After Christmas morning as passed, you can clean up the mess with a bit of soap and water. Your hardwood floors will not be damaged and your child will have a memory that they can cherish forever. For more information about cleaning your hardwood floors, contact a flooring business such as Rainwood Interiors Inc.