Become The Boss Of Moss By Removing It From Your Rooftop

16 December 2015
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Moss-covered shingles can damage the appearance of your home's roof. If moss is left untreated, a larger mass of it may grow and damage some of the roofing materials. Learn how to remove the moss and protect the shingles from new moss growth by installing a zinc strip across the top of the roof.

Use The Following Materials

  • ladder
  • water hose
  • rake
  • putty knife
  • industrial strength detergent
  • garden sprayer
  • scrub brush (with long handle)
  • zinc strip
  • measuring tape
  • power nail gun
  • nails

Soak And Eliminate The Moss

Carry the end of a water hose up a ladder that is set up next to your home's roof. Spray the moss liberally with a stream of water for a few minutes. The water will soften the moss and make it easier for you to remove. Place a rake's tines next to each clump of moss and pull the tool's handle towards yourself to remove each section. Remove as much moss as possible with this method. Use a putty knife to scrape away pieces of moss that were not removed with the rake. 

Fill the tank chamber to a garden sprayer with water and a cup or two of industrial strength detergent. Apply the cleaning solution to any moss spots that remain on the shingles by squeezing the trigger on the garden sprayer. Wait a few minutes for the solution to penetrate the moss spots. Use a scrub brush with a long handle to remove the moss. Once the moss has been eliminated, spray the shingles off with a steady stream of water.

Install A Zinc Strip

Purchase a zinc strip that is as long as the length of your home's rooftop. If you are unsure of the roof's measurement, use a measuring tape to determine how long it is. Wedge the top half of the strip underneath the top row of shingles that run across the roof. Slightly lift up the bottom of each shingle so that there is enough room to slide the strip in.  Install roofing nails throughout the length of the strip.

Whenever it rains, water will come into contact with the strip before it runs down the roof. The zinc that the strip is made out of will mix with the water and make conditions on the rooftop unfavorable for moss growth. The zinc strip will continue to work for a few years. In order to keep the roof protected for additional amounts of time, have the condition of the strip inspected by a roofing professional and install a new one when it is needed. To have your zinc strip inspected, contact a business such as Palmer Roofing