4 Options To Consider As Home Window Replacements

9 March 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If the windows in your house have become so old that they do not function well nor add appeal to the exterior, it is time for you to invest in an upgrade. Whether you want to focus on better energy efficiency or adding more appeal, there are many windows options available to invest in. This article will give you details about a few different styles of windows while helping you find out which window installations are best for which features.

1. Opt for Better Energy Efficiency with Double Pane Glass

No matter how your new windows are designed, you should opt for double pane glass if you want to improve energy efficiency in your house. You will not only get better energy efficiency because of the two glass panes, but you will also be able to add argon gas. What makes argon ideal is that it creates a blockage against air in between the two glass panes. Your house will be able to retain heat or cool air better when the HVAC system is running because the gas is too dense for air to get in or out of the windows.

2. Invest in a Few Bay Windows for More Beauty

Bay windows can add beauty to the interior and exterior of your house because of the way they are rounded. The curvature of bay windows will not only add beauty to the outside of your house, but can also give you additional space on the interior. Depending on where you opt to have bay windows installed, you can use the additional space to your advantage (e.g. seating, plants, reading nook, etc.).

3. Get Double Hung Windows for Versatility

A double hung window is the type that is able to be opened from the top and bottom. There are also models available in which both sections of the window can be tilted. The versatility of the window will give you the ability to easily clean the windows without having to call for professional help. For instance, you will be able to clean the exterior of the windows without having to stand on a ladder because it can be done from the inside of your house when the interior is cleaned.

4. You Can Open & Close Casement Windows Easier

If you want windows that are easier to open and close, casement windows are a good idea. The windows open in the same manner as a door, so there is no lifting involved. You will simply turn a crank to open and close the windows.

Browse more options at a window shop so you can go ahead and replace your old windows.