2 Tips For Handling Fiberglass Insulation During Your Home Renovation

21 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are renovating your home, you may decide to replace your wall's fiberglass insulation with new batting. If so, use the following tips for keeping yourself safe and the insulation intact while you are handling the material.

Protect Yourself While Handling The Fiberglass

Whether you are cutting the fiberglass batting or simply carrying it, protect yourself whenever you are handling the material to keep from harming your eyes, skin or lungs. To protect your eyes, wear safety goggles that fit tightly around your face because the tiny glass shards could enter the space between your skin and standard goggles.

Wear a long sleeve shirt and loose fitting pants over your regular clothes to keep the glass from coming into contact with your body and irritating it by becoming embedded in the top layers of skin. This enables you to remove the articles of clothing while still in the work area or outside without tracking it into other parts of your house.

To avoid the adverse effects on your lungs from breathing in fiberglass particles, always wear a mask while you are working with the insulation. Also, do not remove the mask until after you have taken off your clothing since this act could stir up any fibers that remain on the surface.

Avoid Mashing The Insulation While Cutting Or Installing It

While cutting or installing the insulation into the walls, avoid mashing or flattening it. The dead air located inside the pockets of the batting act as an extra layer of insulation. When the batting is compressed, this air is removed, making the fiberglass less effective as an insulator against the hot or cold.

When cutting the batting, use large shears or scissors that open wide enough for you to place the sheet between the blades without compressing it. You can also use a large, serrated knife to saw the insulation by holding one end and sawing toward you, being careful not to push down on it with your hand. 

When installing the fiberglass, make sure the pieces are measured and cut to perfectly fit the space. This keeps you from having to jam it into the wall.

Using the above tips can help you avoid personal harm, as well as keeping the fiberglass batting in good condition. However, if you do not feel comfortable handling the insulation during your home renovation, you may want to contact an experienced contractor to do the work for you, such as Mincin Insulation Service Inc.