Looking at Creative Options for Your Window Treatments

19 July 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Decorating your home can be one of the best ways to make a statement about your creative style, especially when it comes to window treatments. Several options are available for window treatments, from motorized blinds to beautifully colored draperies. Follow these tips for creating window treatments that your guests will never forget.

Cornice Boards Offer Various Design Choices

Cornice boards can provide a unique addition to any window, and they work to cover the parts of blinds or drapery rods you don't want to show. Cornice boards can be covered in fabric that matches your draperies or painted to tie in a color scheme you have in a room. Cornice boards can also have decorative designs cut out of them. Cornice boards are simply wooden boxes built to shadow the top of your window treatment. If your windows are lacking a finished look, cornice boards can be the perfect way to provide it.

Covering Large Glasses Like Sliding Glass Doors

When it comes to adding draperies or blinds to sliding glass doors, you may wonder what the most decorative and unique options you have to work with are. You may not wish for the traditional blinds or swooping drapes for your sliding glass doors. One way to add traditional charm without being boring is with wooden shuttered blinds. Several styles are available for wooden shuttered blinds, many of them the perfect cover for sliding glass doors. One great benefit of wooden blinds is they provide great light filtering, and that is a bonus with glass doors that can let in too much light when the sun is high or shining directly on the doors.

Treatments for Circular or Oval Windows                         

If you want to add light-filtering cover to your circular or oval windows, you can do so while also adding a level of elegance and decorative charm. You can have wooden shuttered blinds customized to fit odd-shaped windows, or you can choose cellular blinds. Bear in mind that cellular blinds are usually not operable and are best for windows you want to keep covered. If you wish to have a window treatment you can adjust for letting the light in, shuttered blinds are the best choices. Wooden shuttered blinds can be painted to match your color scheme as well.

Decorating your windows can make a huge difference in the look of any room. The way you decorate your windows can also make an impact on the exterior design of your home. If you are redecorating your house, keep in mind the importance of window treatments and how they can work to pull together an entire room's decorative appeal.

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