Tips For Getting The Safest And Most Use Out Of Your Wood Stove

22 August 2016
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A wood stove can add old-fashioned charm to your home, one that is also functional and energy-saving. Maintaining the chimney is an essential aspect of using your wood stove safely and efficiently. Learn more about your wood stove and how to use it and maintain it, and your chimney can help you avoid fire hazards and get the most use out of the stove. Check out some these tips for helping you provide the maintenance that can enhance the use of your wood stove.

Cleaning Is Vital For Your Chimney When Using A Wood Stove

Taking steps to have your chimney cleaned is essential for your wood stove to remain safe to use. As wood burns, the smoke going up your chimney leaves behind tiny pieces of unburned wood and byproducts like creosote. Creosote is extremely flammable and builds up on the walls of your chimney along with other debris like unburned wood. The build-up of creosote is dangerous because one spark from the fire burning in your wood stove can cause the entire inside of the chimney to catch fire. While the chimney is made of brick or stone, a fire burning on them can cause them to become hot enough to ignite neighboring wood structures in your home's framing and walls. Having your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweeper once a year is a good idea.

Small, Hotter Fires Produce Less Creosote

Avoid over-filling your wood stove with too much wood. While it may seem the more wood your burn, the hotter the fire, the exact opposite is true. Smaller fires burn better because there is more room in the stove for oxygen circulation. Smaller fires also produce less creosote, a huge benefit for safer use of your stove. Bear in mind the wood you burn is a huge determining factor in how much creosote and other smoke byproducts build up on the walls of your chimney. Never use wood that is still green because it takes longer to dry out in a fire and it produces more smoke. More smoke means there will be faster creosote build-up. Always burn seasoned wood that has dried out completely.

Taking care to provide proper chimney maintenance for your wood stove can be the best way to enjoy its benefits. A wood stove can help you heat your home a great deal, cutting down your cost of electricity for running your HVAC system. A crackling fire in your wood stove is a nice addition to your living space and provides a comfortable, inviting atmosphere as well. For more information, contact companies like Excel Chimney & Fireplace Service.