Energy Saving Tips For The Coldest Winter Months

21 December 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

As the freezing cold temperatures of the middle of winter are arriving, it is important to note that there are many things you can do to help save money on your electrical bills. Whether your family lives in a small home or a larger one, saving on your power bills frees up cash to use in other areas of your budget and using less power is better for the environment as well. To this end, here are some energy saving tips you can use during the coldest winter months in your home:

Tip: Seal Off Rooms that are Not in Use

If you have rooms in your home that are not used during the winter months or are simply used for storage, then it is always best to close the registers in those rooms and seal their doors. To seal the door, you can use a rolled up towel at the door's base to cover any gap between the door and the floor. Heating less space in your home is always less expensive than heating spaces that you aren't actively using.

Tip: Change Your Heater's Filter Often

Since your heater's filter controls the air flow into your home's heating system, it is important that you change it regularly during the cold winter months. During this time of year, your heater will run nearly all of the time, and this will cause more dust, dirt, and pet hair to become stuck to the filter. Changing it frequently will ensure your heater doesn't struggle for air and this will save money on your power bills.

Tip: Have the Maximum Amount of Insulation Installed in Your Home

Finally, one of the absolute best ways to save on your winter heating bills in the dead of winter is to have the maximum amount of insulation installed in your home's attic space and exterior walls. Insulation works by preventing the heated air from escaping your home and cold air from outside entering into it. Since heat rises, your home's attic is the most important place to have adequate insulation. Additionally, exterior walls will also allow for a lot of heat transfer and should also be well insulated. While you can always install attic insulation yourself, you will achieve the best results by having a professional insulation contractor, like Parsons Construction Group, come to your home and complete this job because they have all of the tools and products necessary to insulate both your attic and walls the most efficiently.