Weatherproof Your Vacation Home Prior To Rough Weather Conditions

11 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you recently purchased a vacation home that is located alongside the ocean and are concerned about the potential damage that could occur if your residence receives a direct hit by a strong tropical storm or hurricane, the following tips will assist with weatherproofing your residence.

Hire A Professional To Install Impact Doors

Contact a business that sells impact doors and inquire about having your home's current doors replaced with weather-resistant ones. An impact door is often constructed from fiberglass or steel and will have a protective coating on its interior side that will prevent glass panels from shattering inside of your home. Glass panels that are installed in doors will stick to the coating if the glass is broken from high winds or airborne objects. Custom doors can be designed that will allow you to protect your home without compromising on style. 

Protect Property With Sand Bags And Shutters

If waves often come crashing near your property line, especially when weather conditions are rough, stacking sand bags along your home's border will prevent water from seeping into your home. Sand bags can also be placed along the entrance to a garage or shed so that items stored inside of a storage space won't be likely to become damaged. To further protect items in storage, lay weighted drop cloths over possessions before securing cloths with thick pieces of rope or a couple of bungee cords.

If your window frames have standard pieces of glass inside of them, securing shutters to the outside of your home will prevent glass from breaking. If you decide to forego shutters, use nails to secure large wooden planks over the windows. 

Use Chains And Locking Devices

Any loose, lightweight items that are on your property should be removed and placed in storage as soon as you are made aware of an approaching storm. Walking around the premises and placing items inside of a wheelbarrow will make it convenient for you to transport all of the belongings to an outdoor garage or shed.

If you have large objects on your porch or deck that cannot easily be moved to another location, consider securing them to chains that are attached to locking devices. If winds pick up throughout a storm, items that are secured to a locking device won't be at risk of being moved and won't pose a threat to you, your home, or the contents inside of it.