3 Siding Trends To Be On The Look For

1 August 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Whether you're remodeling the exterior of your house or you're building an entirely new one, you have a sleuth of decisions to make. From the roofline to the roofing shingles you are going to go with, nothing is quite as important as choosing the exterior finishes for your home, such as siding. As one of the most popular and durable exterior finishes, siding can transform your house from drab to fab almost instantly. Before you land on a final decision, however, be on the lookout for these three siding trends. Read on to learn more. 

Board and Batten Siding

One of the most popular trends in siding right now is board and batten siding. Rather than going horizontally like traditional siding, board and batten siding is vertical. Popular on beach or traditional style houses, board and batten siding is a great way to make your house stand out from your neighbors'. The great thing about board and batten siding is that it comes in different sizes, so if you have a smaller house, you can get siding that's closer together for a more cohesive look. Plus, if you're unsure about choosing between these two siding types, you can always combine the two. 

Shaker Siding

Shaker siding is a little more expensive than traditional, vinyl siding but the look is very different. Usually made of a wood composite, shaker siding is composed of individual pieces of siding (rather than strips) and will add not only a good physical appeal to your home but some value as well. Typically available in different wooden shades, shaker siding will make your house look richer and more unique than the other houses around you. 

Colorful Siding

If there was a time to choose colorful siding for your house, the time is now. Although you aren't going to want to pick vibrant colors like neon orange or hot pink, other colors such as navy blue, gray, or even red will transform your house into something fabulous. Before you choose a colored siding for your house, consult a design professional to make sure the color you choose isn't too loud or vibrant. 

Siding is a safe and durable exterior covering for you to choose from. As three trends that are worth considering, board and batten siding, shaker siding, and colorful siding are options for you to choose from. To learn more about siding and all of your siding options, contact a company like Griffitts Construction Siding and Windows.