Raising The Roof: Helpful Information For Renovating An Older Mobile Home's Roof

8 August 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Purchasing a site-built home is not always an affordable option for some families today. In many areas of the country, inventories of new and existing construction homes are currently very low and the bidding can be painfully high, should one become available. Since rental housing is also going at a premium in these markets, some families are now exploring the benefits of purchasing an older mobile home instead, often for about the price of a mid-range used car. But when purchasing an older mobile home, buyers must often be willing to make renovations and repairs, especially to the roof. 

Understanding the problem with flat roofs

Older, inexpensive mobile homes often still have their original flat roofs. These are typically made from sheet metal or a membrane type material. As the home ages, exposure to weather and environmental elements, such as tree sap, can deteriorate these materials and cause them to leak. Often they have been patched many times, as well.

If the home has been moved several times or has not been properly leveled and tied down, the home can shift under pressure from the wind and the weight and movement of furnishings and occupants within. A good way to solve existing leaks or prevent future ones is to renovate the roof and add trusses to create a peaked roof that will offer a longer lifespan that the original metal roof. 

Additional benefits of raising the roofline

In addition to solving roof leaks and deterioration issues, adding trusses and creating a peaked roof on a mobile home can also have additional benefits. One of these, especially in areas that receive significant amounts of snow or ice in winter, is that a peaked roof is better able to handle snow load. If the pitch of the new roof is correctly designed, adding a peaked roof to a mobile home will allow it to more easily shed the snow and ice that settles onto its surface. 

Another benefit that mobile home owners can reap from replacing an existing flat roof with a peaked, trussed one is that plenty of space can be included for the purpose of increasing the amount of insulation. Doing this will increase the efficiency of the home's heating and cooling systems, as well as help make the interior more comfortable for the family living there. 

To learn more about replacing a flat mobile home roof with an attractive trussed, peaked roof, contact a company like Campbell Truss Company Inc. These professionals will be able to help you understand your options, as well as help you determine an expected budget and time frame for the project.