Frame Your Steel Building Properly

24 September 2018
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The addition of a steel building to your property can provide you with the additional space you need. Steel buildings can be constructed quite easily, but this doesn't mean that there isn't some planning involved in the construction process.

Before you begin building, you need to carefully consider the layout of your steel building. The type of framing used to erect your steel building will have a significant effect on the usability of the building's interior space.

Clear Span Framing

One type of framing that is used in the construction of steel buildings is clear span framing. This type of framing allows you to maximize the usable space within the building by eliminating the need for vertical columns within the space.

Heavy-duty support beams span the length of the building overhead, allowing for the interior space to remain free and open. If you need a lot of open space inside your steel building, then using clear span framing will provide you with the results you desire.

Multi-Span Framing

Another framing technique that is commonly used when building steel structures is multi-span framing. This type of framing is used in large steel buildings to help support the weight of the structure.

Some interior support columns will be found inside a steel building that has been framed using the multi-span technique. These columns can be spaced throughout the building to help you maintain a semi-open floor plan and maximize usable space within the building itself. Multi-span framing can be a cost-effective way to construct a large steel building.

Single-Slope Framing

You have probably seen steel buildings that have been constructed using single-slope framing. These buildings have a roof that slants in a single direction, rather than being pitched in both directions like many residential properties.

One of the major benefits that single-slope framing can provide is an increase in the energy efficiency of the interior space. You will be able to save on utility costs over the life of the building.

Single-slope framing cannot be used for large structures, so you will need to factor the size of your steel building in when determining if single-slope framing is the right option for your new construction.

The right framing creates a steel building that is equipped to meet your needs. Carefully consider how you will use your steel structure, the size of the structure itself, and your budget when selecting a framing technique prior to construction.

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