Electrical Warnings Homeowners Shouldn't Ignore

15 March 2019
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As a homeowner, recognizing electrical problems is essential, because it can help you spot potential electrical emergencies before they happen. The sooner you recognize the signs of a problem, the easier it is to have it addressed before you face potentially devastating issues. Here are some of the earliest warning signs that your home's electrical wiring is in need of maintenance or repair.

Breaker Or Fuse Problems

Under ordinary use, your home's electrical circuits should be able to hold up to the demand placed on it. However, if you find that you are regularly dealing with a tripped circuit breaker that needs reset or a blown fuse that needs replacement, that's a sign that there's a fault on that electrical circuit. When the circuit is drawing more power than it can handle, that will cause the breakers or fuses to trip in an effort to protect the system from failure or overload. It is essential that you have this assessed by an electrician right away to identify the source of the problem and repair it.

Full Electrical Outlets

If every outlet in your home is being fully used, including power strips and extension cords, that's heavy electrical demand. When that happens, you risk the excess consistent draw on the system causing a short or potentially overheating receptacles. This can lead to a dangerous electrical fire. Your electrician can evaluate the electrical draw on the circuits and add an additional circuit should it prove necessary.

Inconsistent Lights

In an ideal electrical environment, the current supplied will be consistent and even. This is what powers things such as your lighting. If, however, your lights start to flicker or occasionally dim, that is an indication that the current is inconsistent. In some cases, it's a problem with the wiring and the current itself. In other cases, it may only occur when you have too many appliances and items drawing power at one time.

Heat In Receptacles And Switches

Electrical current produces some residual heat, but you should never feel that heat in the receptacles and switch covers of your home. If, at any time, you feel warmth in the receptacles or the switch covers, that's a sign of a serious electrical problem that needs to be addressed immediately by an electrician.

Any of these symptoms are a serious cause for concern. Talk with an electrician in your area if you are worried about your home's electrical wiring health. He or she can test the circuits and assess all of the fixtures for any signs of problems. For more information, reach out to an electrical service near you.