Get Your Mall Or Shopping Center Parking Lot Paved Once A Year

10 July 2019
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Do you own a mall or large shopping plaza? If so, you likely know you are responsible for the upkeep of your property, and that includes the parking lot located outside or next to the stores. Failing to properly maintain your commercial property's parking lot could start causing serious problems for you in the long run. Here's why it's a great idea to reach out to a business that offers asphalt paving services at least once a year.

You Have an Image to Maintain

You wouldn't leave the inside of the mall looking terrible, would you? If someone dropped trash on the floor or damaged a sign display, you would make sure the problem was taken care of as soon as possible. Following that logic, you should never be okay with leaving a pothole out in the middle of your parking lot.

Your mall or shopping center's parking lot is likely the first opportunity you will have to make an impression on your customers. Forcing them to drive through a rough patch of asphalt just to park the car is not a great way to start this relationship. Treat your parking lot with the same respect you give to the appearance of the rest of your property.

Don't Open Yourself Up to Trouble

Most customers will be at least a little annoyed when they drive through a big pothole, but what happens if someone isn't paying attention and accidentally walks into one? One bad move and they might end up falling after twisting an ankle. Leaving your degraded asphalt untreated might be seen as negligence by some, and that could end up costing you in court or at the negotiation table after an incident occurs. Keep your lot freshly paved and that's one less thing you'll have to worry about going forward.

It Gets More Expensive the Longer You Wait

Putting down fresh asphalt is fairly easy if the area is already in good condition. You might only have to close off a section of the lot for a day or so before it is fully dried and ready for business again. But if you delay your annual maintenance task, you will start to notice the asphalt showing signs of serious degradation. Every new serious pothole that develops will make the job of patching things up tougher and more expensive.

Contact an asphalt paving company today to get your shopping center or mall parking lot back up to your standards. Get in touch with a resource like Mariotti Site Development Co Inc in order to learn more.