Why A Sun Tunnel Can Be Favorable To A Skylight

17 December 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

During a roof replacement, your roofing contractor may ask if you want a price quote for any additional elements. Often, homeowners choose to add one or more skylights to their home at this time, but a skylight isn't the only upgrade to think about. A lesser-known product is a sun tunnel, which shares some similarities with a skylight but also has a number of design differences. Your roofing contractor will explain the merits of sun tunnels to you and, if this idea interests you, discuss where to install them. Here are some reasons that a sun tunnel can be favorable to a skylight.

It's Usable In More Locations

The unique design of a sun tunnel makes it viable in many different locations on the upper floor of your home. Think about your upper floor rooms — given that there's typically an attic above them, a skylight won't work. Skylights only work in rooms without attics overhead, which can limit the locations for a skylight in your home. A sun tunnel, meanwhile, has a tube-like design that allows it to carry the light from above your roof through the attic and into the room below. This means that this roof accessory is feasible in many more locations.

It Won't Add As Much Heat

Skylights can be valuable during the winter because they can help to warm a room with the sunlight. This isn't ideal during the summer months, however, and you may decide to use blinds on the skylight during the daytime hours. A big advantage of a sun tunnel is that it won't add as much heat to the room as a skylight will. There are many reasons for this, but the fact that the surface area of the sun tunnel is significantly smaller than the surface area of a skylight is a significant factor.

Its Footprint Is Small

The small size of a sun tunnel isn't just ideal for preventing too much heat from entering your home. Because it's small, it's often possible to install above smaller rooms. For example, you might like the idea of natural light flowing into a small room that doesn't have a window, such as a walk-in closet. A sun tunnel's small footprint makes it ideal for installing in smaller rooms to help brighten them. Your roofing professional can talk to you about the many other benefits of sun tunnels, as well as give you a price quote for installing one or more in your roof.

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