Is A Tankless Water Heater Worth The Investment?

30 January 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you're thinking about installing a hot water heater, you may have given some consideration to using a tankless model. Consumers are frequently excited by the tankless water heater as an option, but it's worth breaking it down into the pros and cons. Here are four things to think about when considering your particular situation.

Pro: Instant Hot Water

By far the greatest argument for a tankless water heater is getting close to instant how water from the system. Once the water starts flowing, you can expect how water almost instantly as long as the unit is located close to where you need it, such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Con: Flow Rate

A big factor you're going to want to check before you purchase a tankless model is the GPM rating. Gallons per minute dictates just how much water you can get from a system at any given time.

Suppose your shower was fairly efficient and consumed about 1.5 GPM. Presuming you used a 50-50 mix of hot and cold water during a shower, you could expect to need 0.75 GPM from the tankless water heater just for your shower. A dishwasher might consume as high as 4 GPM.

A gas-powered tankless model might support about 5 GPM, limiting the number of concurrent activities you can engage in, such as doing the laundry while you get a shower. Electric models are almost always worse performers in GPM capacity.

Mixed: Efficiency

One of the primary arguments for going tankless is efficiency. Notably, some newer storage tank systems have shown significant efficiency gains. Although stored models still don't compete one-for-one with tankless systems in terms of efficiency, heaters with 55 gallons or more of storage can achieve efficiency gains between 25 and 50 percent versus traditional ones. This is mostly accomplished using systems like heat pumps and condensers, and they do add to the cost compared to a simpler model.

Pro: Continuous Usage

Anyone who has had a hot water tank go cold with multiple family members taking showers while visiting for the holidays can attest to the limitations of storage as a solution. This one area where the tankless water heater simply crushes the stored solutions because tankless systems can keep supplying water as long as you need it. If you want to wash dishes, do laundry and catch a shower after someone else, you can rest assured there will still be hot water available.

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