Become The Boss Of Moss By Removing It From Your Rooftop

16 December 2015
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Moss-covered shingles can damage the appearance of your home's roof. If moss is left untreated, a larger mass of it may grow and damage some of the roofing materials. Learn how to remove the moss and protect the shingles from new moss growth by installing a zinc strip across the top of the roof. Use The Following Materials ladder water hose rake putty knife industrial strength detergent garden sprayer scrub brush (with long handle) zinc strip measuring tape power nail gun nails Soak And Eliminate The Moss Read More 

Create Snowy Footprints On Christmas Eve To Restore Your Child’s Belief In Santa

30 November 2015
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Do you have a little one who is starting to question the validity of Santa Claus? If you are not ready to tell your child the truth about Kris Kringle, consider making snowy boot prints going from your fireplace to your Christmas tree to help convince your little one that Santa does exist. The following guide walks you through the easy process of creating boot prints on your hardwood floors on Christmas Eve. Read More 

4 Types Of Materials Used To Replace Your Roof

11 November 2015
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Taking care of your home is important to maintain the value of it and allow it to provide protection for you. Over time, you may need to replace the roof, and it's ideal to know in advance what the available roofing materials are for any homeowner. This will help prepare you for the job and allow you to have the ideal roof that will protect your home. Asphalt Shingles One of the most commonly selected types of roofing material is asphalt shingles. Read More 

Signs That You Might Have Mold

23 October 2015
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Plumbing problems can escalate pretty rapidly if you leave them alone. A small leak today could result in a lot of water damage if you don't catch it early. This is especially true for mold, since it poses a respiratory threat to anyone in the vicinity, and especially those with allergies. Therefore, it is critical that you are able to identify the signs that you have mold. Respiratory Difficulties The health problems caused by mold can also serve as a valuable symptom in helping you diagnose the situation. Read More 

How To Fix Water-Damaged Drywall

12 October 2015
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If a water leak damaged your drywall, you'll want to repair or replace it. Otherwise, mold may grow on the drywall before it has a chance to dry out completely. Plus, you don't want to look at an ugly water stain. You might be able to fix the problem yourself, or you may be better off calling a contractor if you're not handy with tools. The first step is to determine the extent of damage. Read More