Why A Sun Tunnel Can Be Favorable To A Skylight

17 December 2019
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During a roof replacement, your roofing contractor may ask if you want a price quote for any additional elements. Often, homeowners choose to add one or more skylights to their home at this time, but a skylight isn't the only upgrade to think about. A lesser-known product is a sun tunnel, which shares some similarities with a skylight but also has a number of design differences. Your roofing contractor will explain the merits of sun tunnels to you and, if this idea interests you, discuss where to install them. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Roof Repair

19 November 2019
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While roofing is built to last for years or even decades and to stand up to the elements, eventually repairs may be needed. Roof damage often happens due to strong winds or storms moving through. Tree limbs or entire trees falling also is often the culprit when it comes to roof damage. If you're dealing with damage to your roof, seeking out repairs as soon as possible is a must. Not getting repairs quickly enough can mean more damage to your roof and your home. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Bathroom Remodeling

10 October 2019
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Remodeling your bathroom can make your home more comfortable for everyday use and can add value to your home. Updated bathrooms are also a big selling feature. If you are considering putting your home on the market in the near future, an updated bathroom can help your home sell faster and for more money. There are many benefits to bathroom remodeling, but there are also a few things that you should know. Read More 

How To Spruce Up The Outside Of Your Business Property

30 August 2019
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As the owner of a commercial property, you are always going to want to do what you can to improve the outside of your property. This will help to not only drive more customers to your door, but it can help increase the value of your property. Should you ever need to sell your commercial property, maybe so you can relocate to a bigger space, you will be able to get as much as possible out of the sale. Read More 

Get Your Mall Or Shopping Center Parking Lot Paved Once A Year

10 July 2019
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Do you own a mall or large shopping plaza? If so, you likely know you are responsible for the upkeep of your property, and that includes the parking lot located outside or next to the stores. Failing to properly maintain your commercial property's parking lot could start causing serious problems for you in the long run. Here's why it's a great idea to reach out to a business that offers asphalt paving services at least once a year. Read More